Fall In Love with Tokyo Fashion: Gyaru

020214-Asianjunkie-Kumi-Koda-Bon-voyage gyaru3 Hime-Gyaru-Shibuya-2012-06-24-DSC5454

Lolita is so baby doll like and cute isn’t it? I love the large ball dresses and the colors. The accessories are also amazing and so detailed orient. What if your style isn’t too cute? Is the Lolita dresses too doll like for you? Well how about a more modern and cute style.

Hello my fellow Geekoids, and welcome to another wonderful segment of Fall in love with Tokyo fashion. Sorry for my lack of blogs recently, with cosplays, college and work my life has been full of heticness. However, never fear, I have returned with my next wonderful segment. Today we will be discussing Gyaru. Gyaru is a huge uproar of girly-glam style, breaking all the classical rules of beauty. It concentrates on man-made beauty such as wigs, fake eye lashes and even fake nails. It is also heavily inspired by western fashion so a Japanese fashion style based off of western culture. Contrary to what most think, gyarus do not dress in a sexually provocative manner. It is a varied style and is not limited to blonde hair and tanned skin like most suggest. However, the Gyaru style did start from that look. In the 1990s, Gyaru came to be with the first sub category which is Ganguro. Though its popularity was short and it now more often portrayed in animes, the look did spike an interest in man-made beauty with it Large fake lashes, bleached blonde hair and loads of stickers, glitter and other accessories. Most Japanese pop artists do usually wear this style, such as Koda Kumi a very popular pop artist whose entire style changes between different types of Gyaru. So, what do you think of this style? Does it scream out to you? If you’ve tried it, please let me know. I will most likely have one more of these segments on Japanese fashion so how would you guys like to pick my last one. Please comment below on which one you would like to read. I am thinking about doing some blog posts on anime conventions soon, like reviews so I would to also know your feedback on that. Thank you for reading and until next time, Ja ne!


Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion: Sweet Lolita

Angelic-Pretty-Strawberry-Sweet-Lolita-2013-05-25-DSC8277tumblr_mj99074PNi1s24axvo1_500baby the stars shine bright


I absolutely love the kodona style. The slightly boyish look, the   knee high socks, the cute European styled shoes, and it is all so very cute. It’s a style that I love and I find it so cute. Well, what if you say that the prince style just isn’t your thing. What if you want something a little more girly or sweet? If that’s the case, then I definitely have the Iolite style for you.

Hello my fellow Geekoids, and welcome to another wonderful segment of Fall in love with Tokyo fashion. Today we will be discussing Sweet Lolita. The best way to describe sweet Lolita is think of cookies, sweets, teddy bears and fairytales and just throw it all onto a dress. It is literally the most childlike style of Lolita. The colors are generally pastel colors as well as muted blacks, dark reds and blues. The general silhouette of sweet Lolita is your basic Bell skirts, jumper skirts, and dresses to give them the classic cupcake shape. The motifs included, but not limited to deserts, toys, berries, childrens books and fantasy elements. The shoes, which are generally mary Janes or tea party shoes, are usually pastel in color with flat or low heels. Hair can be curled, straight, pigtails, buns or braids and it is very common to see pastel color hair. Many accessories can go with this look such as bows, headdresses, hats or mini hats and decorative headbands. My favorite part of this look is pairing the super cute parasols and jewelry pieces with the sweet look. Major brands include Angelic pretty, Baby, the stars Shine Bright, and Metamorphose Temps de fille. All are super cute and high end brands that I only dream of owning! There are however off brand companies that sell these Sweet looks at cheaper prices such as Bodyline (who ships internationally at a cheap price), Anna House, Dream of Lolita, and Infanta. So what do you think of this sweet look? Would it be a look you would wear yourself? I know I would, if I could get me a few dresses and accessories. Please let me snow, do you have your own sets of sweet Lolita’s? Do you plan to buy your own? I like to hear other’s experiences or thoughts. Thank you for reading and until next time, Ja ne!

Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion: Kodona

529567_503909836337119_231229793_n 3146872016_1_8_cykydvit 8b141bb671a44bf5981a539f5c327a40

So, Gothic Lolita is a very common form of Lolita. When someone says Lolita, to those who do not know a lot about it, gothic Lolita would be the first to come to mind. However, there are so many categories and it almost seems like there is a style of Lolita for everyone. Say your style isn’t girly though! Well never fear, there is even a style for you!!


Hello my fellow Geekoids and welcome to another segment of Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion. Today we will be discussing Kodona or ouji, which is PRINCE Lolita! You heard me right, prince Lolita! It’s every crossplayers dream! The slight cutness is still there, but think of a Victorian boy. That is exactly what you are trying to attempt. This look usually includes ‘Prince pants’ which are short capri-style pants usually cut off at the knee and adorned with some sort of detail like lace or edged cuffs. It’s usually accompanied with masculine blouses, top hats, knee sock, loafer, and the works. Other common accessories are suspenders, ties or bowties, bowler caps, evens canes and capes! Hair is often boyish, so shorter or kept in a bun bellow a hat. Make-up is generally kept to a minimum but is sometimes arker around the eyes. Girls, who usually wear this style, tend to wear platforms, or heels that tend to resemble those that young boys and men wore during Victorian times. Generally, when men do Lolita, it is usually Kodona, though I have seen them wear others in a more manly fashion. I personally see why as how Kodona is my personal favorite of all Lolita. It has always appealed to me as cute and more comfortable style for Lolita. I recently attempted this style for a local Japanese street fashion show and I personally found intense happiness in wearing it. IT was easy to complete with clothing from my closet and overall, I felt very cute. Who knew such a boyish style could look so super cute. So what do you think? Would you personally try this sweet boyish look yourself? I hope everyone like this segment, and till next time, Ja ne.

Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion: Gothic Lolita

original tumblr_mqxkgdTNXU1r80pqzo2_500_zps568eacba

When I was young, I had this huge goth phase. I mean the works, black everything, tripp baggy jeans with chains, and even dark make up. It’s funny, now I am very girly most of my time. I wonder, what would I have looked like if I had stayed in that goth phase?


Hello Geekoids and welcome to another segment of Fall in love with Tokyo fashion! Today is the Tuesday before thanksgiving here in the us so I plan to get my Thursday entry out by Wednesday this week. In today’s segment, we will be discussing out of weaknesses, Japanese Lolita!!! Lolita is a major fashion trend in japan and there happens to be many different sub categories. This article will be focusing mainly on Gothic Lolita! If I could imagine myself goth today, Gothic Lolita would definitely cover all my bases and needs. While Lolita is heavily influenced from eastern and Victorian style, Gothic Lolita takes a darker spin on it. Dark colors, crosses, bats, spiders and many other dark icons often characterize it. The dressed and skirts, similar to other Lolita styles, tend to have prints related to the theme, so many iron gates and other architectural designs. The skirts are usually knee length with petticoats for volume as well as blouses or shirts with lace trims or ruffles that resemble Victorian style. They are usually paired with matching knee length socks, boots, bonnets, brooches, and parasols or any other accessories. The idea is to look like an old Victorian doll, tiny, childlike and flawless. With in the Lolita community, which is large, vast and covers many countries, it is very well know to have meets discussing outfits and were to buy or how to make accessories. It is always reminded from other Lolita’s that the Lolita style is not only a style, but almost an entire culture on its own. This of course is only one small segment of the Lolita fashion, but does this appeal to you? Would you were this classy yet daring look out and about, and how would you feel? Please, comment below and let me know!! As always, thanks for reading!! Ja ne!!

Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion: Fairy Kei

fairy_kei_by_pockypants-d3j3mgm fairy-kei-cuteness--large-msg-132520354986

I just love all of the visual kei styles! They can be so harsh sometimes though. I wish there was a way to blend my love of Visual kei with the fun and overly colorful blend of Decora. Well, never fear my wonderful readers, because someone has already thought of this!


Hello Geekoids and welcome to another segment of fall in love with Tokyo Fashion! Today we will be discussing the ever-fun sub category of visual kei, Fairy kei! Fairy kei, if you can imagine it is like if visual kei and Decora fashion had a little baby. It blends two wonderful elements of the styles, the glam rock beauty of visual kei and the amazing piled on accessories that is Decora. Its almost sweet Lolita but that glam rock edge lands it into the visual kei side of things. The idea is to stay light, poppy and cute. So imagine tutus, pastel colors and maybe even cute zombie ice creams and there you have it, Fairy kei! The color schemes use more pastels like lavender, baby blue, light pink, mint green, pale yellow, and anything else you can think of! The best part is the elements and accessories from western toy lines from the 1980’s to the 1990’s such as my little pony, strawberry shortcake, rainbow brite, jem and the holograms and even the care bears! My inner child is just screaming in joy!! Fairy kei in almost all aspects has almost completely merged and/or replaced Decora in Japan and almost all Decora fashion icons now a days a truly wearing fairy kei or over the top Lolita. The major spread of fairy kei fashion was produced by Sebastian Masudea who opend the fairy cloth shop 6%DokiDoki in 1996. Though there are many places to buy very cute fairy kei accessories and clothing, such as one of the major Lolita brand angelic pretty, I find one of the best shops I’ve found is KAwaiigoods.com which sells amazingly cute shirts, skirts and accessories for all your fairy kei needs. So what do you think? Will you be working this look anytime soon? Please let me know and as always, thank you for reading. Ja ne!

Fall in love with Tokyo Fashion: Oshare kei

26eee98b59c7ff7fde874c8b8c47df291233174406_full 552346088_402080e4a8c6f0b7ebe8592b357cbb3e_answer_1_xlarge LMC_(LM.C)

So, how did you like Visual Kei? Was it appealing or did it come across too dark and demented? I can understand since not all Visual Kei appears like the popular band The Gazette were it is slightly more glam and less well creepy. Well if that wasn’t to your liking, how about we had a little Pop of color?


Hello Geekoids and welcome to another segment of Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion. Today we will be discussing one of the many sub categories for Visual Kei. This one is of my personal favorites and it is called Oshare Kei. Oshare Kei started to appear around 2001 and has since then been used by dozens of different band. It literally is described as the happy-go-lucky version of Visual kei. It is the most fashionable of all the visual Kei and seen as very cutting edge. The style focuses on mixing different patterns, bright colors and punk elements to create the unique look. Besides occasional eyeliner and colored contacts but, unlike Visual kei, the makeup is toned down and just focuses mostly on the eye makeup. Facial piercings tend to also be common use in this look. The style is more similar to decora with the bright and colorful look and accessories but way toned down from that. Oshare Kei, like Visual kei, has been largely influenced by musical artists. More bands tend to create this look now a days then visual kei, since the music type is leaning towards more pop and Electronic dance themes. It’s like if you like Slipknots style of music but rather dress like Avril lavigne. Just toning it down a little to seem more appealing.  Similar to Visual kei, Oshare kei includes more pop elements, but they have been doing it for far longer. There songs are very bouncy and bright, much like the look, and their songs tend to focus on happy and positive messages. Unless of course you’re LM.C, and then you write happy go lucky songs about pigs falling in love with lions and then being eaten. That, in a nutshell, is Oshare kei. I will be leaving some links to some bands and please, let me know what you think!

Lolita23q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9OVMokEDjE


Lm.C: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKnTlV3P2qA

Lm.C translation lyrics: http://www.knowyoursong.com/Sentimental-Piggy-Romance-English-by-LMC-Lyrics.html

Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion: Visual kei

233146 Malice_Mizer_-_Gekka_No_Yasoukyoku

Have you ever seen people who immolated a famous singer or musicians’ style or clothing or even dressed in their particular fashion yourself? Have you ever loved their style so much you just wonder, ‘why don’t they have their own line of clothing’?  Its very common and even very famous artists such as Avril Lavigne or Fergie have their own lines inspired by their own style. People will go to large lengths to have a purse or shoes or even perfume worn or endorsed by a favorite celebraty figure. However none of them inspired an entire fashion style with many subcategories that are now very familiarly worn through out an entire country.


Hello my wonderful Geekoids and welcome to another segment of Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion.  Today we are covering a major culture in Japan. One that many Japanese street fashions know all too well and this style is Visual Kei. Visual Kei was a large movement that happened amongst Japanese musicians and spiraled out to the everyday people of Japan and even other countries. The look is extremely easy to spot along with the music. The varying, and sometimes strangling done, make up, extremely elaborate or prominent hair and flamboyant costumes characterize the style. It is also well known by its very often, but not always used, androgynous aesthetics. It is very common to be very confused when looking at Visual Kei artists as to whether your look at a boy or a girl. It is actually very common for these bands to pic one male to represent a female identity in the band.  Visual Kei originated in the 1980s and has sense then blossomed and created many sub categories to the culture and style.  The music that inspires the Visual Kei style is very similar and sometimes to be considered as glam rock, punk rock, and heavy metal. Some recent Visual Kei bands have even been including electronic and pop to stay competitive with recent trends that are rising. Some of the greater bands that made a larger impact in the style are ones like Malice Mizer and The Gazette.   Below I am leaving a link to one of The Gazette music videos as well as Malice mizer. So what do you think, would you attempt this bold look? Please leave a comment below letting me know. Till next time, Ja Ne!

The Gazette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBNB6As19Xw


Malice Mizer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F143kJea2tw

Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion: Decora

decora 04 x_900harajuku_decora_style_by_alisa_bosconovitch-d3e524s

Have you ever had the problem of too many accessories and you just can’t pick one? I know I have personally had this problem too many tines to count! I find too many cute necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even hair accessories at shops selling them for a dollar or flash sales. It’s hard picking the right one for a particular outfit since they are all so cute. I just find myself lost. A pile of accessories asking myself why I did this. Well never fear my wonderful readers, here is where the amazing Decora fashion style enters. This one is personally one of my favorites since it’s so easy and fun to complete. The Decora style came to be in the late 90s early 2000s. It was actually a fashion style that swiftly rose in popularity in Japan as well as other countries. The styles’ clothes stays generally in a black, dark pink and baby pink color scheme. However, rarely, bright pastel colors are used. The clothes are usually a plain hoodie or Shirt and tutu. The hairstyle and makeup is also very plain. What makes this style stand out is the most significant part of Decora? Why it is the exact item we can never choose one of; the accessories! The accessories are generally piled on so no ordinary part of the clothing and hair are left showing. It’s even common to pile on leggings and socks for a heavily layered look. The accessories can even be themed. It’s very common to see girls pair a plushy from a popular anime or an iconic toy such as Barbie or Rainbow Brite being paired with buttons, accessories, and even shoes. It’s really just this simple. The best part is its cute! The colorful style stands out in a crowd. Sadly, this style is not very common these days, but never fear, it has merely merged with a new more popular style, fairy kei! I have recently attempted Decora and can happily report the style very easy to complete with clothes you have at home. If anyone tries this style at home, leave a comment below to let me know what you thought. I’ll leave some pictures of my attempt below. Thank you for reading, Ja ne!


Fall in Love with Tokyo Fashion

Welcome Geekoids to the first installment of fall in Love with Tokyo fashion! I am Nebula and I am the writer and creator of this little mini part series. I am a young fashion Student, currently enrolled in college for my Degree, and I have been obsessed with Japanese street fashion for a majority of my life and I have attempted to create these looks constantly. The idea to create this miniseries came about from my love to teach people about things I love and have a passion for, and my obsession to always create now looks and Styles.  Amongst other things that my blog does, such as tutorials and cosplay related things, I will be adding this installment to share with you my love for Japanese Street fashion. I will Share with you styles I love best, how to recreate these looks with your own Clothes, and creating your own spin off. I will also show you how adding accessories and wigs to normal looks can bring your normal every day outfit to the extraordinary level of Japanese fashion. As well as showing some of the very popular styles out there and where in Japanese history they originate from and how they have been modified to fit today’s fashion in Japan. I hope you all enjoy this segment and feel free to give your Own input about what styles you like and what you think works well together! I would really love to hear the input of others and your own suggestions.  I will have a new installment of fall in love with Tokyo fashion up every Thursday! Along with these posts, I will also try to do a Japanese street fashion tutorial at the beginning of each weeks as well. If you have a tutorial in particular that you would like to see, please post on each blog and I will see about getting these done. I hope that you look forward to each post and that you are excited to come along on this journey with me. That’s about it for this week’s post. Keep an eye out for next Thursday! Till then, stay fashionable, Stay geeky and Ja ne!